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...an Excerpt from


by Shawna Watkins


“I still can’t get over how nice your place is, Sheridan!” April said as she walked into the huge foyer.  “You way out here with all these deer and white folks, you really did good for yourself, didn’t you!”

“Yes, I love this place.  One day I’ll find a man to share it with, but for now, I’m happy, just having it all to myself.  And with the extra money I’m making, it’ll all be paid off in the next two years.

“Let me put your coat away, and we’ll have a drink before we get started.  Are you nervous?”

“A little, but I kinda gave myself a pep talk on the long drive out here.  I think I’m ready to try this,” April said. “I like that gold robe you have on, is that real silk?”

“Yes!  It came all the way from Japan and wait till you see what’s underneath.  I have a black one also.  You can wear that one, when we get started.”

“Ok.  Let’s have that drink.  I need a big one, if you know what I mean.”

“I know exactly, and to be honest, to be nervous is normal.  I used to be real shy about talking with the guys, trying to get them hyped so the bidding would go higher, but now I’m an old pro and we’re gonna get you off to a good start, and hopefully some good money tonight.”

“You know I do appreciate you, girl.  There’s no way I would have ever done this on my own.

“This marble counter top is beautiful!  Is this one solid piece?”

“Sure is, and it’s two inches thick. I had it made to order and the construction guys brought it in before all the walls were even finished.  I love to sit at my island and just have my morning coffee.  The kitchen is my favorite room.”

“What kind of wine is this?”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, it… it tastes expensive.”

“It’s not too pricy – about eight-five dollars a bottle –  but I do have a few down in my little wine cellar that are a little salty.  I call myself saving them for my wedding night.”

“I don’t know if I want to ever get married, you know.  I want a baby though, so I guess I’ll have to at some point.”

“We got good insurance, they pay for that in vitro shit, all you need is a donor.  But I want both, a man and a few kids.  I just think that’s how we’re supposed to be. Have another glass.  It’s time to get hyped.

“First,” Sheridan went on, “I need to tell you I ain’t no lesbian or anything, but I may touch you before we get started, just to kinda get you excited.”


“I hope you can handle that?  I mean these guys pay money for what they get and I don’t know what it is, but once they see that wet spot in your panties, the bids just go crazy.

“You ok, girl?  Your face just went blank.”

“I… I guess I didn’t think of that, wow…”

“It’s Sheridan here, your best friend since freshmen year at State.  Don’t freak out on me.”

“I… I won’t, but…”

“You forget you told me all about the three-ways you used to do with that Brazilian guy you were seeing a few years back?”

“Yeah, but that was just a little kissing and a lot of us both sucking his dick at the same time.  And it was really just to turn him on.  I didn’t lick her pussy or nothin’.”

“And I ain’t licking yours!  Why you laughing?”

“You said that with authority. Like my pussy ain’t good enough to be licked on.”

“Girl, that wine starting to work on you, ain’t it?”

“Yeah… I have to say it is.”

“Well, there’s a small bathroom just off that hall there. I left you a robe and two new pairs of panties to wear.  Get dressed and then we’ll go into the panty room. There’s lotion and scented oil in there, if you need it.  You know how you dark-skinned bitches be ashy.”

“Here we go!  Why you redbone bitches always be hatin’ on my chocolate skin?”

“I ain’t hatin’, just sayin’ sometimes your knees can look like you been down on em’ suckin’ dick while in a pile of flour.”

“Fuck you, redbone.”

“Go get dressed, girl.  And take a left when you come out.  The panty room is the last door on the right at the end of the hall.”


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D. L. Russell is the Editor/Founder of Black Books Publishing (2013).  The company focuses on titles of interest to the African American Readership.