Managing Editor: D. L. Russell

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Illuminati at my Door
Edited by D.L. Russell
Illuminati at my Door is an upcoming release from B.B.P. and Black Books Publishing Inc.

Released: May 2016

Description: Tales from today's most creative minds in speculative fiction. If a secret society exist, this anthology allows an inside look at their playbook and why they need to control every aspect of our lives...

A Scandal and Other Things...
by M. Francis Patterson

A Scandal and Other Things... by M. Francis Patterson is the first release from B. B. P. and Black Books Publishing; Inc. 


Released: December 1st 2013


Description: Follow M. Francis Patterson into the realm of "Neo-Negro Folklore." Embrace his brutally honest portrayal of our most memorable neighborhood characters in ways we can't, even though we see them daily; on the corner, at our post funeral gatherings, and even at our coveted soul food establishments.


With A Scandal and Other Things..., Patterson visualizes the black experience with a leap into the unusual situations we're most often too afraid or embarrassed to talk about. The ghost we saw in the hall the other day, the little man who believes his mother has been trying to kill him, or the seemingly harmless inanimate object we've always suspected of having a mind of it's own.


A Scandal and Other Things... is truth and life from the mind of a master of observation and will leave you convinced you know someone just like every character within its pages.



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